Given the large scope of this project, I am greatly indebted to the support of my friends, family and the students and faculty at Hunter College’s Integrated Media Arts Program.

I would like to thank all those who helped me conceive this project:  Stuart Ewen, Rachel Stevens, Kelly Anderson, Samara Smith, Sarah Nelson Wright, Suyin Looui, Laura Grace Chipley, Deb Atkins, Jessie Stead, Jordan Cooke, Alexande Skoglund and Francisca Caporali.

Special thanks to all the great actors on the project: Dan Rosato, Michelle Cooper, Dan Neustadt, Farzaneh Hemmasi, Daniel Anisfeld, Samuel Burns, Leslie Synn, Damon Whittemore, Sanford Livingston, Olaf Bertram-Nothnagel, Samir Succar, YoungShin Kim, Pablo, Casey Kelly, Josh Howard, Damien Stanley, Eoin Russell, Mimi Watkins, Ross Tuttle, Noah Leff, Christine Maxson, George, James Asher, Dave Novak, George Schrieber, Lynn Peemoeller, Jules Peemoeller, Gerry Souzis, Adam Souzis, Matthew Souzis and Alvin Souzis.

Thanks also to the amazing recording and production crew and facility at GödelString Studio.

I also wish to thank my family Geraldine Souzis, Adam Souzis, Matthew Souzis, Jenny Bitner and Kai Lux Souzis, with special thanks to my father Alvin Souzis, who provided the voice of Bob. Finally, I wish to give a very special thanks to Joel Hamburger, whose support and encouragement made this all possible.

What is Curb Exchange?
Curb Exchange is an audio and print walking tour of Wall Street created by A.E. Souzis.