Architextour is an interactive, self-guided walking tour that explores NYC through text messages as a way to reappropriate a technology of distraction and help people engage more with the physical world. To take the tour, participants should stand on northeast corner of 14th Street and 8th Avenue and text the word START to 917-746-5999 for instructions and a map of sites. At each location along 14th Street, they will be prompted to look closely and text back a number they find there (plaque, sign, etc). If correct, they will receive texts describing the site’s history. By the tour’s end, their text message correspondence will feature a chronological and spatial record of the experience.

The tour was featured in Art in Odd Places festival from October 11-20, 2013 and OpenHouseNewYork Weekend on October 12-13, 2013.


Architextour is written and produced by A.E. Souzis, with special help from Sha Sha Feng, Jessie Stead, Samara Smith, Jane Rose, Esy Casey, Sarah Friedland, Sarah Nelson Wright, Laura Chipley and Joel Hamburger.

A.E. Souzis is a writer and interdisciplinary artist. Her writings and site-specific projects use storytelling and technology to uncover or reimagine public space, alternative or underground histories and real-life networks of power.