Instructions for Architextour:

Make sure you are starting the tour on the northeast corner of 14th Street and 8th Avenue.

Text the word START (just the word only) to 917 746-5999.

You will then be prompted to walk to each of the sites listed on the map (which you can get by either visiting or texting the word MAP.)

At each stop, look for a number located somewhere on the site. It could be a date on a plaque, or a phone number, a sign or even a door code.

Just remember though: the number will NEVER be the address. (Or any part of the address.) When u find the number, text it back (no words, just the digits) to 917-746-5999.

If you guessed correctly, you will receive a series of text messages describing the history of the site. If u don’t get a reply after 1 minute or so, try again!

NOTE: Some cell phones or services take longer to receive the text messages, so be patient! You may need to wait up to 1 minute.

Stumped? Just text the word HINT plus the site’s number on the map key for a clue. (E.g., text HINT 1 for the number at 80 8th Ave, HINT 2 for 120 West 14 St, etc.)

Still having trouble? Check that you typed in the number or word correctly, and try again.

Finally, the tour will take around 2 hours to complete. For a shorter version (about 1 hour), start tour at Site 4 (33 Union Square West, btwn 16 & 17 Sts). Just make sure u text the word HISTORY first when you arrive at this site.