a neighborhood photo diary by NYC commuters


Tell-A-Commute is a crowdsourced neighborhood photo diary documenting the collective observations of New Yorkers on their daily commute. T​his simple participatory project uses smartphone photography and interactive texting to compile a larger visual portrait of New York through the eyes of its 8 million residents as they travel along the city’s lifeblood­­–its subways. Through a series of text messages, New Yorkers are invited to chronicle their neighborhoods and share their thoughts about the city and the rapid changes it is undergoing.

Anyone can participate and the instructions are simple: participants text START to (917) 746­5505 to receive instructions inviting them to take three photos around their neighborhood as they walk to and from their subway station. After completing the photo assignments, they can text the photos back to the same number to contribute them to the collection. These photos will then be included ​in a collaborative online portrait of NYC’s neighborhoods linked by subway

Add your photos to Tell-A-Commute! Text START to (917) 746-5505 to participate!

Tell-A-Commute was designed by the artist collective /rive and launched at the New York Transit Museum’s PLATFORM series on April 1st, 2015.


/rive, an artist collective, focuses on site-specific and mobile media projects that draw on documentary, narrative and social practices to create interactive experiences exploring common space and alternative histories. Members Samara Smith and A.E. Souzis have shown work at the Queens Museum, Hammer Museum, Conflux Festival, Art in Odd Places, and beyond.